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Cybercrime is a real threat and is happening more and more.
Cybercrime is any activity that targets a computer network or device committed by hackers or cybercriminals to make money. Scams are the most popular online crime followed by identity theft. Individuals and businesses can suffer significant financial loss. This has recently been an issue for a local company here in Lake Geneva.

The Lake Geneva Party Bus Company owned by John Schnabel has become the go-to event and party driving service in and around Lake Geneva. John and his wife have built a great company and a credible reputation in the community and party planning world mostly within the wedding industry. Early last week John woke up to his phone overloaded with calls and messages regarding the crazy good rates being offered on Facebook for the party bus service and is it real? After investigating John realized he and his business had been hacked. The damage had already been done before John was even aware of the situation. Several people had booked services and paid over Facebook immediately. The real Lake Geneva Party Bus Company does not take money over Facebook and always has a signed contract before excepting money which is done through the SquareUp service. John and Party Bus are very upset with what has happened and are concerned about all those affected by the scammer. The police were called and are investigating, and are fully aware of the situation and are looking for the suspect. Johnathon A. Broking is the man in question and anyone with information in the case or knows of his whereabouts are asked to call the Lake Geneva Police Department.

Lake Geneva Party Bus Company Hacked

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