Living Here

Why is gasoline so much more expensive in Lake Geneva, compared to in Elkhorn or other communities around the lake?
It’s $2.09 in Lake Geneva, as this issue goes to print.

It’s $1.98 in Delavan and $1.96 in Elkhorn.  Why is this generally a rule?  How is this allowed? Are there no rules of conduct anymore about these stations simply charging whatever the hell they want, and then throwing in with one another to make the monopoly complete?  When is the public going to get mad?

Cell phone companies have their towers turned off locally to save money on paying electric bills.  The city is considering taxing them to either get them to turn on the towers or get out of town (or pay an onerous tax).  What’s wrong with doing that to gas stations. Tax the hell out of them if they won’t take care of the public like they ought to.  A nice twenty cents a gallon tax would go down really fine in this difficult time.  And yes, taxing them is quite legal.  Lake Geneva needs money, so let’s go after it.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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