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Award night.
Visit Lake Geneva is all about celebrating and loving the community of Lake Geneva. Visit Lake Geneva has no problem promoting Lake Geneva and the wonderful people that live, work, and play here. The group that makes up Visit Lake Geneva is great and they deserve thanks for all they do. They continually look for ways to showcase Lake Geneva’s many assets, such as the lake itself, the shore path, shops, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. They are also always promoting programs and organizations that benefit the area. All this work helps Lake Geneva thrive and be all it can be. The staff also celebrates the people of Lake Geneva whenever they can. That’s exactly what is happening Thursday, October 17th at the Grand Geneva with the annual dinner and award show. It will be a grand night. Thank you Visit Lake Geneva.


Why is it that retail establishments with double doors don’t, generally, have both doors unlocked and open to welcome the buying public?
How rude it is to reach for the wrong knob and find it locked. How discomforting it is to realize that the staff inside the store don’t think well enough of the visiting public to truly welcome them with open arms? There are 14 businesses, up and down Broad and Main Streets that have double doors with only one door open. Come on merchants. Do your part to open up and welcome your shoppers.

Buttons Bay

Buttons bay Lake Geneva

A beautiful fall day in Buttons Bay.


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