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Two carnivals and two violent crimes.
Who doesn’t love the carnival part of the fair? Recently during the Walworth County Fair, and just this last weekend the Darien Corn Fest was held. These are usually great summer fun for everyone, except this year something went terribly wrong.

This year violent crimes were linked to both events. The night before the Walworth County Fair, a robbery and a violent attack almost ended a young girl’s life. The attacker, an out of state employee of the midway company who was already out on bond for a previous crime, has been arrested and is facing serious charges. Then, again, the night before the Darien Corn Fest, a fight involving a stabbing occurred. Allegedly, this was a fight between carnival workers. The victim is expected to survive and an arrest has been made.

What can be done to ensure the safety of everyone and ease the community’s fears about safety at these events? Many locals believe extensive background checks on the companies, including their employees, need to be done. One or two bad apples in the bunch shouldn’t end the fun. The additional expense of backgrounding employees must be considered, of course.

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Cartoon by Terry ONeill

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