Cell phone towers unpowered and the new U.S. Cellular campaign to service rural cell phone users.

There’s now a billboard up on the north side of Lake Geneva.  You can see it sitting on the south side of Broad as the street makes its turn toward the Highway 12 interchange.  That billboard says it all.  U.S. Cellular is now becoming the cell phone company dedicated to servicing the rural areas of America.  And it is.  What happened?

Two years ago the GSR began its intense investigation of cell phone towers, only to discover that the nine towers located within Lake Geneva city limits were turned off.  The GSR went on to discover that all the cell phone companies across the nation were colluding t provide lesser levels of service in order to save money by keeping most of their (U.S. government paid for) cell phone towers off (about $800 a month per tower in electricity billing).  U.S. Cellular read the paper.  It thought for a few months about the issue.  Then U.S. Cellular acted and broke from the cabal and turned their rural towers on in Walworth County.  The people flocked to them to get quality reception where there’d been none.  Then U.S. Cellular went national and now they are doing just fine, directing their billboard and television advertising to being the nation’s quality rural provider.

Small town newspapers work if people will work to make them work and the public will bother to read them.


Are you surprised?

Some Lake Geneva residents are really mad, and some of the Lake Geneva visitors who still come to the lake after Labor Day are even madder. What’s all the fuss about?  Lake Geneva closed the bathrooms at Library Park for the season last weekend.  Say what?  Surely there are places for people to use the bathroom nearby the beach.

No, there are not. 

The businesses up and down Cook, Wrigley and even Main Street are now plagued with people coming in just to use their bathrooms and they are having a hard time dealing with this issue.  How can they turn these people away but, at the same time, how can they dedicated the personnel and work necessary to keep up their private bathrooms when there is absolutely no return (except for what gets left in the bathrooms) at all for them to compensate for?


More surprising stuff


Lake Geneva Free Little Library

The Free Little Library boxes put up around the City of Lake Geneva. A wonderful idea and provided free of charge. What happened? Well, such systems are taken advantage of today and you see the result in this box. Advertising junk is stuffed into the box. There ought to be a law. Or maybe an ordinance?

Do you look up often?

Drone over Lake Geneva

Who’s drone was that flying above the crowds attending Taste of Lake Geneva last week. A lot of people watched the thing buzz around for about half an hour until it went away. That’s the thing about drones. Viewers seldom ever find out where the things come from or go when they leave.


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