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One of the real attractions of the City of Lake Geneva is the feeling of security that tourists get as they are walking around the city’s downtown.
The normal, although minor, natural apprehension of seeing a stranger is gone and one’s personal protective barriers are lower, which makes one more open to others. There is a natural barrier in our thinking that divides us but most of the people in the downtown during the summer are visitors, and the people they meet are fellow tourists visiting the City of Lake Geneva, who, like themselves, are out of their normal area and are here to relax and enjoy the surroundings and the time that they spend. That socialization process forms a common element with other tourists that enables them to see those who would normally be seen as strangers, in a much friendlier light. This lowered apprehension between visitors is also apparent between visitors and residents who frequent the downtown during the summer months, which further adds to a common sense of security. The best approach is to try to think and act like a tourist, and possibly-recognize the similarities and common elements first, which then lends a sense of security so that everyone can then appreciate the differences as they are learned. Lake Geneva is a wonderful melting pot!


Pearce’s Farm Stand.
This wonderful outdoor farm stand is located at 5740 North Walworth Road and is one of the best farm stands in the area. When it comes to fall fun, they go all out. This past weekend Pearce’s held its annual customer appreciation weekend with hay bale mazes, live music, refreshments, interactive farm display’s, and of course their wonderful corn maze. Every year Pearce’s has a new theme for the maze. Much more challenging than before is this year’s theme: “Invest in our Future”. Adults $8, Children $6 and 5 and under free.

Rejection of  New Design

Brick and Mortar Lake Geneva

This “barn” plan didn’t fly for the Maple Park Historic District, so it’s back to the drawing board Touristsfor Brick & Mortar.


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