How did the Green Bay Packers somehow get affiliated with Tesla? Both organizations are being killed by the pundits, announcers and the rule-keepers. The Packers cannot play a game anymore that does not have key game-changing plays conducted by the officials. And the officials favor any other team. The announcers talking about the game are also so favoring other teams it isn’t even funny. And Tesla is in the same boat. They produce the car that every citizen should get into and immediately be taken back to a time when America invented more than the 12th version of the iPhone which is a whole lot like the first one. Tesla, that had its new 3 series designed and tested to become the safest car on the road, and the most loved. But not in the New York Times or any of the mass media. Somehow Tesla is failing to them. Suddenly, the Saudi Arabians giving a billion dollars to another electric car company (foreign) is somehow good news for the USA!

What a crock, in football and in modern innovation. The losers, those schoolyard dummy bullies have the country in their control…and it isn’t going to be any of this goody Gomer Pyle or Forest Gump crap. The Green Bay Packers have had two games in which they cannot even tackle the other quarterback. Clay Matthews has become a bad name. Passes are caught but called incomplete. The officials in the NFL are starting to look like the officials in International Soccer, where almost all points are scored on penalty kicks decided by them and not the teams.

Tesla is derided by the very pundits that are allowed to occupy front row Op/Ed seats in the major mass media outlets. They scream about how Tesla is going bankrupt while holding stock in the very company they are writing about. Oh, their stock is the kind that has to go down before they make a fortune, by the way. It’s called selling short. They make it go down. Duh! You don’t know it, but you sure can feel it in America. Fair treatment has sort of gone out the window, in sports, in politics, and in business. Remember how powerful the image of fair treatment can be?

Remember a guy named Judge Joseph Wapner? He was the star of the first of the judge shows on “reality” television. Back in the early eighties, Judge Wapner’s show was hugely successful in the U.S. It was a CIA (think George Bush Sr.) idea to fund, and then send (smuggle) all kinds of free VCR machines to Russia. Then, when that great giveaway worked, VCR tapes of the Wapner show, with all the advertising that went along with the shows, were sent for free. Millions of dollars were spent. Russian citizens came to believe that real fair play existed in the American justice system and also, through the ads, that American’s had all the wonderful stuff advertised that they had none of. The Soviet Union fell apart over the demands the Russian’s placed upon their own leadership. There were other reasons, but that was a big one. Wapner’s show was fiction, of course, as no real justice system can be as fair as one that has a preordained written script and criminals for actors. But the point? People want to be treated fairly, above all other things.

The Packers are not being treated fairly, and it is evident. That’s really no big deal in the scheme of most people’s lives. Whether the Packers win or not on any given Sunday has little to do with most American’s lives. But the fact that the play in these games, and this has to be going on in more than Packer games, is not fair, bites deeply into the fabric of the country. People feel that things are not worth pursuing as they might otherwise feel. Tesla is not being treated fairly and that kind of thing may definitely hurt the United States as their technology and cars are quintessentially American products, and the cutting edge of present and future technology.

Aaron Rogers, Clay Matthews, and Elon Musk cannot thumb their noses at these officials who are taking the country’s hopes, dreams and desires and trying to flush them down some sort of cultural toilet for their own enrichment. The public, however, can begin to understand what is happening and defy this kind of activity wherever they find it. Go watch the Packers get cheated, it’s better and more fun than watching most other teams winning. Go buy a Tesla. At a Burger King last week in Lake Geneva a man came out of the restaurant to get in his brand-new Model 3 Tesla. He was asked by some guys standing there what he thought of the ride. He said: “I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not a car, it’s a whole new life experience.” He drove off. Smile, if you are a Packer fan, and then go out and buy a Tesla. Screw the officials and the mass media.   ~ James Strauss

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