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School is back in session with a little over a week under its belt.
The 2020 school year is a lot different than any before, as Covid-19 continues to produce challenges. For many of the elementary age students, learning is being done in person, with only a small percentage choosing to learn remotely. Classrooms are set up with social distancing in place and a limit to the number of students per table, as well as clear plastic dividers separating them. Hand sanitizer is plentiful, and masks are worn all day, with short masks breaks, as needed. Students are less likely to move to different learning stations as in previous years, so teachers are being even more creative with learning styles. Teachers are putting in extra thought and finding ways to be more empathic with students.  They have adopted some great fun ways to get kids to follow guidelines without making it feel like a dreaded punishment.

One great way Central-Denison Elementary has encouraged kids is by adopting a superhero theme and the superhero masks fit right in. When lining up for lunch, recess, the bus, and many other things they are encouraged to use their superhero arms like they are flying to keep a safe distance apart. The mask mandate and social distancing were a concern of parents, students, and teachers. Several teachers have shared their feelings of relief at how well the children are handling the changes. For the middle and high school-aged students the percentage of students participating in some form of virtual learning is greater, but many students are still choosing to attend in person. Some teachers, however, are teaching virtually in the classroom which can create a whole new set of challenges. The 2020 school year is a learning process for everyone and could change at any moment. Support and encouragement during this chaotic time for parents, students, and teachers are always appreciated, as the school district continues to navigate these uncharted waters.

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