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Front Page, January 27, 2016

Last Tuesday, decorated Lake Geneva police officer William Walser was out in his car on patrol, backing up another officer on a domestic call. He was about five minutes from a multi-story apartment building, when he overheard a county call for fire backup at the building located at 1195 Elm Street, north of BigFoot Beach…..

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Living Here, December 30, 2015

Last week the Lake Geneva Regional News (referred to by the staff of the Geneva Shore Report as “the real paper”) filed a lawsuit against the City of Lake Geneva because the city’s attorney, Dan (the Don) Draper refused an open records request filed by Chris Schultz, one of its reporters…….

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Little Gems, November 18, 2015

The park to be built at the northern edge of Kwik Trip in downtown Lake Geneva, more popularly known as GSR Park, by GSR staff (of course), is finally being built.
This park is small, and will be little more than a square of sodded grass. But the most important part about Kwik Trip making good on its word…….

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