The Bright Side

A year after the coronavirus pandemic hit.
The virus forced customers to avoid eating and drinking in bars and restaurants, Governor Evers signed a bill that allowed taverns and restaurants to sell wine or mixed drinks in sealed containers for curbside or in-store pick-up. Before the new law came into effect, bars and restaurants could only sell alcohol in original packaging. The debate to allow them to sell individual drinks has been going on for the last year as a way to help the hospitality industry to boost sales and make up for losses that occurred during the pandemic. The local police departments are concerned about the new law that is in effect. The way the law is written, local police departments and governments cannot stop the restaurants and bars from selling the alcohol for carryout, which is allowed until bar closings. This causes concern about more drunk driving incidents, more underage drinking, and more fights.

During a wild bachelorette party, a couple of weekends ago, two partygoers tried to harm two police officers, and now the police could see more of those incidents occur. Police departments were not made aware of the law change until the day before. They are usually briefed well beforehand so they can prepare and make sure they have a full understanding of the law. Even the Chief of Police Association has made no comment on the new law or given any direction to departments. This concern about the new law will be an official item on next month’s agenda for the police and fire commission, as Dan Draper and the police department look further into the law and what options they have to address these concerns.

Covenant Harbor’s Maple Fest.
The event is this Sunday, April 18, 2021, from 9 a.m. through 2 p.m. Maple Fest has always been a great day spent on the beautiful property of Covenant Harbor enjoying everything maple together. With the pandemic in 2020 Maple Fest was celebrated virtual. Maple Fest 2021 will be getting a little closer to how it is known by most. The proceeds will continue to benefit scholarships for local kids who attend the covenant harbor summer day camp program. Maple Fest will be held in person on Sunday with an outdoor market and some wonderful breakfast vendors. Stop in and shop the market and grab some delicious put-together breakfast options to take home and enjoy safely. Stop in and pick up some of your favorites, including oatmeal pancake mix, maple syrup, pastries, sausage, and bacon.

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