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Save Yerkes Observatory.
On Saturday night the public was invited by the “Save Yerkes” group to the new Williams Bay School to a meeting of the minds (or at least some brainstorming) on ways that might be found to possibly save the Yerkes Observatory. What the meeting really consisted of was a question and answer session. This recently formed group is made up of students, interns, and Yerkes employees who all want to keep the observatory running. The goals and vision of this group are to initiate and continue new conversations with the public, about the observatory and the University of Chicago’s stated intent to close Yerkes on October 1st.

The people in this newly formed organization believe that almost everyone wants to know more, and they are hopeful that the Save Yerkes Group can eventually become powerful enough to have a positive impact on the future of Yerkes. The closing of the historic Yerkes Observatory would be a loss to the entire Geneva Lake community, as well as a tremendous educational loss to students of all ages.

Is the preservation of the observatory what most residents would like to see happen?

It is the goal of this group to find the answer to that question, and then implement that conclusion. Some solution is going to have to be found.

How can the existing operation be financially modified so that the University of Chicago may continue the funding of this beautiful building? Or, can some other solution be found? The overhead cost to keep the observatory open is huge, although complete financial figures are not yet available.

The meeting ended with a list of contacts from the University of Chicago that the public can contact to voice their questions, comments, and concerns. Show your support and help save the Yerkes Observatory by calling or emailing the officials below!

David B. Fithian (Executive Vice President):
Phone: (773) 702-2305

David Chearo in the Office of the Executive Vice President:
Phone: (773) 702-4559

Edward (Rocky) Kolb (Dean, Physical Sciences Division):
Phone: (773) 702-7950

All the University Trustees (link to page):


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