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What’s that smell?
What’s that awful smell in Fontana that many are complaining about? The results of the X-Files investigation are in: it’s liquid manure; a mixture of manure and water which makes it easier for the farmers to spread over their nearby fields. It would seem logical that mixing the potent smelling fertilizer with water would cut back on the smell a bit, but that is not the case. The GSR has been approached by concerned, and slightly annoyed locals, who have let the paper’s investigators know about the smell that hits them right in the face as they enter Fontana. These people have not been happy.

The worst area appears to be at the top of Fontana’s highest downtown hill, the one with farm fields on either side and farmers are getting ready for planting. Manure provide farmers with a higher economic return as fertilized fields have a higher yield. That’s beneficial to the environment as well as their pocketbooks when the fertilizer is spread and used correctly. The smell is not the real concern, however, it’s the runoff that can have the most relevant effect. In the end, it’s about the groundwater and the water of Geneva Lake itself. Manure can be a powerful pollutant if it reaches surface water in strong concentrations, and it is known to promote the growth of unwanted aquatic plants and algae.

Farmers must comply with new rules and laws regarding the storage and use of manure, just like any other chemicals and fertilizers they use. As long as the farmers comply with the laws on storage and usage the community and environment should have no safety concerns. So, plug your nose and don’t be shocked because you live in a rural farm community!

The smell is normal, and part of the price of living in the country, and it’s expected this time of year. However, if you know of a farmer cutting corners and not following the laws and regulations, don’t shut your mouth and close your eyes, call the GSR X-Files investigators at 262 812 4000 and we’ll get on it.

Getting Geneva Lake Ready for Summer

Setting Piers Lake Geneva

The ice is gone, and signs of boating and water recreation are appearing. Piers are being installed from one end of the lake to the other.

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