The Bright Side

Downtown Lake Geneva is at a standstill during the “safer at home” orders.
For some businesses, it may continue that way unless restrictions start to ease up so they can open up. Other businesses are doing what they can and trying to look to the future.

Jayne’s on the corner of Main and Broad Street is continuing to make improvements to the exterior of the building. Brick and Mortar on the corner of Geneva and Cook Street continues to make progress to the extensive remodel due to be completed this spring. New buildings and businesses are also trying to make a go of it during these difficult times. The new CBD Shop on Center Street next to Dust Bunny Books is due to open soon and hope to have the awning above the storefront replaced in the next couple of weeks. The Italian restaurant at the old Red Geranium property is just waiting for the okay to move forward with plans to open. The building continues on the Lake Geneva Architect office and condos located on Broad Street at the old Traver Hotel location. Last but not least, the wonderful Twelfth and Brown on Main Street would like approval from the city council to change the exterior of the storefront mimicking the original historic façade. All the work and activity is hopeful and seems to calm the anxiety and stress many are feeling about the future of Lake Geneva.

Another Cartoon from Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva



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