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Lake Geneva has a new Parking Manager Seth Elder.
With Sylvia gone the hiring of a new parking manager was inevitable. Candidates filled out applications and the city narrowed it down to the top picks for the spot. The city administrator did the initial interviews and then brought them to the personnel committee. The personnel committee had an open discussion amongst themselves in a closed session meeting on who they would like to hire and why. The chosen applicant to be the parking manager is closely related to another city employee.  The person selected to fill the parking czar, unlike the last one (Sylvia) has no experience whatsoever in parking, other than maybe parking a car now and then.  What is going on in city hall?  Nepotism?  Again? Why oh why does it have to be this way?


Arbor Day Friday, April 24, 2020.
This is a special day in Lake Geneva as it is considered Tree City USA. Around the world, a day is set aside to spread awareness and to share in the importance trees play in the environment. Arbor day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world depending on the local season. During the pandemic currently shared by the world, it is nice to share a day of a positive nature. Plant a tree and contemplate the beauty of nature as many others will be doing the same.


April 24th was the day the “Safer at Home” order was due to expire but that has changed.
The order has been extended to May 26th much longer than most wanted or expected. The small business owners are really upset and for good reason, as they are getting hit hard. The likely hood for them to still have a business to open when the restrictions ease up is grave. They are not the only ones taking a hard hit. Many families of non-essential workers have no income to sustain their needs. Unemployment is helping some, but most have been waiting weeks for approval. COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of life and creating two very different teams. This alone is causing tension at home, at work, and on the streets. What will be the end game and when will we get there?


Parks are closed in Lake Geneva.
Lake Geneva is a popular destination drawing crowds, especially on the weekends.  Due to the virus, the conclusion was to close the parks (to slow the spread) which some felt was a little extreme. The decision was made at last week’s city council meeting to open the sidewalk along the lakeshore in Library park and the sidewalk along the dam in Flat Iron Park. Alderperson Cindy Flower suggested that both be opened for much-needed exercise. Former Lake Geneva Mayor Tom Hartz voiced concern that it would be abused and overcrowded just as the parks were, but agreed to a trial run. The trial run still hasn’t happened.


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