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The Business Improvement District (BID) met last Wednesday, August 5th, and a lot was brought to the table.
The biggest debate brought forward was about the eleven banner poles throughout downtown Lake Geneva.  There are eleven of these poles, incidentally, because there are three for each directional entrance to the city, although only two poles could be fit reasonable on the lower part of Broad Street as it turns into Wrigley Drive. It was proposed to let private businesses advertise on them during the downtime when there are no events to advertise. The city proposed controlling this by having blackout dates and agreeing that all the banners don’t have to be the same so businesses could choose where they want to advertise.

Some business owners agreed that stores should not be able to advertise in front of their competitors and that the banners would need to be carefully placed. The idea was that Dave Nord, the city administrator, would be in charge of the application process and that the business would be responsible for the fees. He would then work side by side with the BID to ensure that policies were being followed and that everyone was being treated fairly. The BID does receive a grant from the tourism commission to purchase banned for the poles and it was decided to not let business advertise and instead use the grant money to purchase banners to promote upcoming events, charities, and a generic design to fill in the downtime.

The idea of private banners was shot down for the second time.  No private banners on BID or city poles. Without the help of an administrative assistant, the BID has a full plate and only so much time to devote to the committee while also running their own businesses in the downtown area. The two ladies that worked part-time are no longer with the BID so at this moment there is no one working on events or the administrative side of things. With things being at a standstill it was decided that a part-time employee is needed through the end of the year. Their plan is to start 2021 with a full-time employee at the helm of their ship in hopes of finding the next Bridget Leech, who left big shoes to fill. Bridget was great at her job and is not an easy person to replace.

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