The Bright Side

VenetianFest is coming.
And a whole lot of Lake Geneva businesses are not happy at all. One would think that just the opposite would be the case. Why are the merchants, by and large, unhappy with Venetian Fest? It should follow that everyone would love this fantastic event the Jaycees pay so much to put on and do such a great job (even if, amazingly, the Jaycees have no women). So, why is this “boy’s night out” organization, quietly disliked for putting on this event even though it attracts so many tourists over a five-day period?

Well, historically, over the 56-year time period that the Jaycees (no women) have been putting this on, the purchasing of goods and services outside the grounds where the event has been held, has actually dipped in overall volume, as well as the gross revenue coming into those businesses. At least, that is the argument. Retail businesses are, however, notorious for also stating that business revenue is always low and almost always getting lower. One can easily understand why that position is taken by them, especially if any tax collectors are taking note. Are these local small businesses that are quietly (they don’t write or complain much at all) unhappy with Venetian Fest correct? Is it accurate to say that the business coming into the carnival stays at the carnival and does not overflow into the community?

That question remains open to some answer that might be analytically supportable but is not so far. Maxwell Street Days follows Venetian Fest a week later. Maybe that “local buying frenzy” event makes up for the lack of business that might occur during Venetian Fest?

Venetian Festival 2018


The new structure on the corner of Edwards Boulevard and Highway 50 is almost complete.
It will be home to Aspen Dental, Game Stop, and Mod Pizza. Many people are just noticing this new commercial complex as it is being erected, almost overnight. The skilled crew of Innovative Construction Solutions has been working on it for the last two months, however. This isn’t this great outfit’s first rodeo here in Lake Geneva. These people also built the adjacent building that houses Starbuck’s and AT&T.

New Business Locations

Aspen Dental


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