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Article by Terry O’Neill:
Employment in Lake Geneva’s city government was very stable for many years. Even after surviving the earlier $100,000 library theft and credit card scandal of the past in 2014 employee turnover in the City of Lake Geneva’s city government started with the Salt Scandal these are real problems. The investigation into the Salt Scandal exposed the corruption in city government that also included the fountain money scandal, the car towing scandal, and the disposition of confiscated vehicles, the scrap for cash and disposition of items from the city’s purchase of the gas company property. Since then there has been a nearly 100% turnover of the personnel working in city hall as well as those in management positions (except those in the police and fire departments). Yet, several of those influential in city government in 2014 still remain in influential positions within city government today, so did the corruption exposed in 2014 city government end or has it just morphed.

With the recent resignation of two good leaders (Blaine Oborn and Ed Svitak), there is a strong indication that things have not been corrected within city government. The corrective actions taken by City Administrator Blaine Oborn came to an end with his resignation, which was followed by an attempt to undo his accomplishments with the city’s Utility Commission. The drive to unite conflicting area resorts and local businesses came to an end with the resignation of Ed Svitak (President and CEO of Visit Lake Geneva). Both men put the betterment of the City of Lake Geneva, its residents and the area above the self-interest of a few. Their resignations are a strong indication that the force controlling the city in 2014 is again back, and in charge, directing and religiously (would that be Lutheran?) controlling the city today as it did before.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


Santa Claus.
Santa took the day off of work from his Lake Geneva workshop on Main Street last Saturday so he could enjoy the outdoors with his reindeer, elves, and his local fans. Santa and his crew set up a post on Center Street in front of the Thrift-In and the fun began. There was live music, festive goodies, and the line of ‘believers’ was more than a block long most of the day, in fact Santa had originally planned to get back to his workshop by 2 p.m., but could not let the long line of ‘believers’ down so he stayed a couple of extra hours, what a guy! It was the perfect day to play hooky and enjoy the day, it was an unseasonably warm day for the middle of December. The temperature reached fifty degrees with calm winds and plenty of sunshine. The reindeer really enjoyed all the attention the adoring kids and adults gave them. On Sunday, it was back to the workshop, building toys and preparing for the big day. This Saturday the 22nd, Santa will be very busy at his workshop at 875 Main Street, Lake Geneva but he will be taking time out from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. to visit with any kids who haven’t had a chance to deliver their wish list and get a photo.

Merry Christmas



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