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On a lighter note, although slow to learn or to be reprogrammed, the timing of the smart traffic lights in the city’s downtown is getting better. The key improvement has been in the reduction of wasted time for traffic crossing Highway 50 when there is no traffic on Highway 50. Although it has taken years for the traffic lights to adjust or to be adjusted to respond to traffic waiting to cross Highway 50 when there is no traffic on Highway 50, there has been a significant improvement from the initial installation to today. Initially one could wait for 2 minutes and 40 seconds to cross Highway 50 at Cook Street, even when there was no traffic on Highway 50, but today that wait is 1 minute and 20 seconds. Center street is even better where traffic northbound on Center street only has to wait as little as 20 seconds for the light to cycle and change when there is no traffic on Highway 50 (perhaps the influence of the U.S. Post Office on that corner had something to do with it). But there is one disadvantage to the time-saving improvements at the city traffic lights. The wait is too short for a morning power nap at the intersection, although some still do.

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Traffic Accident Lake Geneva

The intersection of Broad and Geneva Streets has been the location of many traffic accidents and the new four-way stop hasn’t had the results many were hoping for.


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