The Bright Side

Tom Hartz, mayor of Lake Geneva, speaks out at the BID meeting.
Tom indicated that the problematic leaking and long-closed store on Broad Street called Pacific Southwest Swimwear might be sold to a new owner.  He stated that this was a rumor, however, and he was not one to spread rumors.  At the meeting of the BID, open to all, that last statement assured that he would go down in this newspaper as being fully a part of what the citizens of the United States might refer to as the new politics of our time.  After all, rumors are not fake news, they are merely rumors.


Hillmoor Open House.
Tomorrow, December 5th, there is an open house at 6:30 p.m. at Badger High School. The open house has been scheduled to provide a location for a continuation of the discussion regarding the Hillmoor property, and to solicit the public’s opinion regarding the three Vandewalle generated and highly paid, for concept plans. The concept plans were presented at a joint meeting between the city council and planning commission on November 13th, and a vote was encouraged at that time (by an anonymous party of course), but was not conducted. With no vote taking place, a special plan commission meeting was added to the city’s calendar for the next week to perform the vote.

The public expressed outrage that a vote, or even the thought of a vote, was taking place when the Hillmoor open house was not on the schedule until December 5th. With that, and many other valid complaints from the public, the vote did not take place, and the meeting was adjourned. The end result is that the public gets its open house this Thursday, December 5th at 6:30 p.m., at the Badger High School. Be there and make a difference.  One also wonders what happened to the regular council chamber that can easily hold a hundred or more people, and it does not make the crowd that shows up appear smaller, as does the school facility.


The BID is doing something about the loss of their director.
Late-breaking, the BID board decided that it had to do something to replace Bridget Leech, their former director when it comes to attending upcoming events vital to the BID’s concerns.  Certain events, like the upcoming Cocoa Crawl, need representation, so the BID is meeting to decide who is going to be the temporary and part-time replacement for Bridget.  It would seem that any organization with the BID’s budget, exposure and political horsepower in the community would have its act together a bit better, as Bridget gave plenty of notice that she was leaving.  It will be interesting to see who is chosen to fill Bridget’s very large imprint, as the field of candidates who might meet the qualifications for such a role would appear to be pretty extensive and the field of available pretty small.


Holiday Open House.
Mia Faccia team and Mia Boutique is hosting an open house on December 4th, starting at 4 p.m. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, prize entries, giveaways, and special holiday discounts. The festivities are at 715 Hunt Club Dr., in Lake Geneva. Call 262-248-3303 for additional information.

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Haperdapper Lake Geneva

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