The Bright Side

Update on the Brewery on Geneva Street.
The old church is getting some much needed TLC, which includes many updates, repairs, and refurbishing of some of its historic beauty. The old church was built back in the early 1900s and was not always well maintained over the years. Electrical, plumbing, roofing, and some structural work needed to be done to bring the building up to today’s code. The plan is to open by May which would give them a chance to get the kinks out before the busy season begins. The owner is fabulous, so is the building, and the brew is expected to be as well.

Brewery Lake Geneva


The messy, seemingly brain-damaged, parking controversy continues. The parking manager position is available and posted in many different areas with the hopes that many applicants step up and apply before the paid parking starts on March 1st. Parking stickers are available at Lake Geneva City Hall for purchase. The city council has recently approved the purchase of fifty new parking kiosks (to be paid with special savings in the parking department accrued from parking revenue set aside for updates and repairs). The parking rate increase controversy, that increase requested by the city to resolve shortcomings in the annual budget, goes on, however. The original thought was to increase prime parking during high summer season from $2 to $3 an hour. This upset the business owners located near those higher-priced meters and they voiced those concerns (sometimes in such poor taste and language that the former parking czar quit) and they then offered other possible parking increases that would not affect their own business, quite as much (in their opinion).

The Lake Geneva Finance, Licensing, and regulation committee tried to compromise, recommending paid parking be extended until 9 pm and all metered stalls be equal, at $2 an hour. Instead of a staggered parking rate increases, raising all meters to two dollars an hour, and extending the hours and months paid parking operates, was the committee’s attempt to mollify the upset business owners. It is now up to the common council to approve or not approve of any of these potential changes. The applicant selected to be the new parking manager is walking into a nightmare and will most likely be unaware of the intensity of the deep emotions simmering just under the surface in this situation.

Riviera Roof

Working on the roof, Riviera Lake Geneva

Work on the roof at the Riviera has finally begun with the workers clearing off the snow.



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