The Bright Side

The Packers won again.
Coach Matt LaFleur has amassed a two-year coaching win/loss record never matched by any Green Bay coach before him…including that of Vince Lombardi.  In his first and only two seasons with the Pack, the team is 27 wins and only 7 losses.  That’s quite something and it’s been an enjoyable season to help Wisconsin fans take their minds off the terrible effects of this virus.  The playoffs begin without the Packers because they got a buy on that first game.  The GSR is calling for the Super Bowl to be played by the Packers and the Chiefs.  Can the Packers beat the Chiefs?  With LaFleur running the show it sure begins to look like it, not that Aaron Rogers is to be ignored, or Jones for that matter, either.

Person of the Week

Peg Esposito Lake Geneva

Peg Esposito is the newest member of the Lake Geneva Park Board and is running for Alderperson in the upcoming election. Peg is a big fan of the natural beauty in Lake Geneva and is super excited to be a part of maintaining and improving the local parks and bike pathways.

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