The Bright Side

Bidding war on the old Congregational Church on Geneva Street.
What’s coming to this old Congregational mess of a teardown pile of the red brick building? The electrical lines are shot, the plumbing is a nightmare, and the place floods after just about every rain. Jody Mikkelsen is the reputed owner, somehow struggling through an unknown number of foreclosure proceedings and waiting over the years through the big real estate depression for some light. Well, the sun is finally shining for this businesswoman, because there are two breweries vying for ownership of this interesting location right in the very center of Lake Geneva. Currently, the Lake Geneva Cooking School and the Bread Loaf Bookstore are the only viable tenants. What will happen to that bookshop and the cooking school? Both have been around forever and would certainly be missed. One brewery wants the big old mess to be exclusively a brewery. The competitor for the property wants to convert the building into a brewery, but also have a small shopping mall in the center of the interior.


Emagine Theater will be taking occupancy August 17th, if all goes well. This place is going to change movie life as we know it in and around Lake Geneva. You really have to see the inside of the revamped theater to believe it. The place breathes fine leather. The lights are bright yet soft, both at the same time! The rugs are classy enough for the oval office of the White House. Wow. So far, since the theater isn’t open yet, there’s no way to gauge just how good the food, beverages and other amenities are, but if the build-ins are any measure, then that theater is going to rock big time. Sometime after the 17th of August start looking for big things, indeed, from this wonderful new operation.

Progress on the Theater


Finally! Fro-Zone has been hoping to open their Lake Geneva location early this summer. That has not happened and they are hopeful it will open sometime this summer, after many attempts and lots of patience. Monday night they were finally able to get a spot on the Planning Commission agenda. If all goes as planned they should have a sign installed, equipment in, and open for business in a few short weeks.

Person of the Week

Dani Wrzesinski Wisconsin Kringle Compnay

Dani Wrzesinski, while learning the ropes, and many other job-related tasks remains jolly, and yet calm under pressure. Dani loves her job, employer, getting to meet new people, and is proud to be a part of the Wisconsin Kringle Company

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