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Face masks, Yes or No?
Tuesday night the Lake Geneva Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee debated this very sensitive issue. The committee met, discussed, and possibly recommended a resolution urging the Walworth County Board and Walworth County Health and Human Services Department to develop stricter guidelines related to Covid-19. Mandating face masks or face coverings to be worn in the City of Lake Geneva will be discussed and possibly recommended. The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee is also working with VISIT to install large signs at the intersection of Highway 50 and Edwards Boulevard promoting face coverings and safe practices regarding Covid-19. This is a topic that most have strong opinions and feelings on both sides of the issue and can quickly turn a civilized conversation into a very heated debate. Wednesday afternoon the Walworth County Board will do the same.

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Inspiration Ministries, Lake Geneva

Metric and Eric with Inspiration Ministries. These two wonderful guys strive to create an inspiring palate for others to thrive. Check out Inspired Coffee on Main Street.

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