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The beach revenue is way up.  With more than a thousand visitors flocking to the Lake Geneva Riviera Beach every day the revenue has to be considered. At eight dollars a person, it does not take a wizard to figure out that the two main pillars that are going to be holding the city up are parking and beach revenue. Six to nine thousand dollars a day, as long as the weather holds, is much-needed assistance to the city’s tattered monetary supply.

Last Tuesday, July 14th, the public works committee met and everyone was given updates on the beach, as well as the Fourth of July celebration and weekend here in Lake Geneva. Over the Fourth of July weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) public works had three employees on staff to help take care of the downtown, garbage, and to help the beach staff with keeping the restrooms clean. According to Tom Earle, director of public works, it was a very busy weekend and quite likely busier than in any previous year. This estimation was based on the amount of garbage public works picked up, but it also brought out the fact that more people are enjoying take out, because of the virus, and that issue alone would cause an increase in garbage. Some of the committee members commented that, as they drove through town, it did not appear as busy as they had expected and seemed quieter than previous years.  One thing was clear, for those who were in town on Memorial Day, it wasn’t that kind of densely packed affair at all.

Either way, Lake Geneva had a busy Fourth of July and a good time was had by many. Flat Iron Tap applied for outdoor seating in the alley adjacent to their building. This has come before the committee before but they never made a recommendation because Flat Iron wants to build the patio on city-owned property that contains metered parking stalls. The committee members like the idea and the renditions that Flat Iron shared but agree that the city attorney needs to do some research to see if this could be approved and the process that would go with it. Public works had forwarded it on to the finance, licensing & regulation committee with no recommendation.

Next, Seth Elder gave a parking update. The parking revenue for June was roughly $261,600. That is up to $12,000 from last year. Seth also broke down the numbers for the Park-Mobile app which was great to see. Credit cards consist of 88.9% of parking payments, Park Mobile is 8% and coin is 3.5%. The usage of the park mobile app is increasing significantly every year. In June of this year the revenue was $21,000, in June of 2019 it was $9,200 and in June of 2018, it was $6,700. The revenue from the park-mobile app has more than tripled in the last three years. With revenue increasing, along with the use of technology, Lake Geneva is making up for lost time.  It might also be time to reconsider raising the general parking rate from two dollars to three, although many local businessmen and women find that not to be to their liking. They are afraid that people won’t want to come to town if the parking rate is too high and, if they do come to town, then they’ll be in too bad a mood to buy anything, aside from food and alcohol.


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