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New Chapter Resale is located at N3358 County Road H between the City of Lake Geneva and Como and it is open and ready to help.
It accepts clean, usable, working items, but no clothing. “New Chapter Resale” is working with, and support, New Beginnings, out of Elkhorn and Whitewater which has helped a lot of people and offers services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, stalking, etc. New Beginnings, unlike most such services, is not limited to one economic group or one age group but covers all ages from children to elderly, as well as poor to wealthy and everyone in between.

New Chapter Resale is open but has limited hours (1 p.m.-4 p.m.) on Wednesday & Thursday, (12 p.m.- 4 p.m.) on Friday and (10 a.m.- 2 p.m.) on Saturday, but it will close during the winter months. If you see the waving banner the shop is open. Jeff Gustafson, who runs New Chapter Resale, is a resident of Lake Geneva and is the current owner of the property. As Jeff said, the reason he’s here is that he is blessed to be here working with the New Beginnings which is an organization from Whitewater and Elkhorn that has helped a lot of people in Walworth County get back on their feet (several hundred a year). New Chapter Resale, kind of fell together like pieces of a puzzle. Jeff owns the property and has owned it for several years.

He maintained the senior center in Lake Geneva for 14 years, but he’s now gotten to the point where he wants to be semi-retired. Jeff sold his businesses. Everything that you see in the store is donated. Even though it has only been three months, the store has been able to help a couple of families get back on their feet and has donated about $700 dollars to the ¨ shelter. In another building, they are storing furniture and future beds for New Beginnings that they will be there when they finally get a shelter approved in Elkhorn. The store is not so much about selling the stuff in the store but making it available for people who need it. If they do sell something in the store, 50% of the proceeds go to New Beginnings and the other 50% goes for keeping the lights on and paying gas, insurance, etc.

This is a wonderful endeavor on behalf of the entire community and everyone needs to support Jeff Gustafsen in this project.

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