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School is expected to be back in session this fall.
Lake Geneva plans to open the fall semester on September 1st, with a five days a week schedule. Parents can choose to have their child or children go back in person, continue with virtual schooling online, or a combination of both. This is a huge learning process and adjustment for families and teachers as the new school year begins. Teachers have to plan online and in-person lessons daily and somehow keep up with each student and his or her personal situation. Then there is going to be social distancing, face masks, and disinfecting and sanitation to deal with.

So far, the plan for social distancing may be more effective (since some students will be doing all online that should free up space to help spread out desks). Then there is the issue of face masks.  The decision was made that face masks will be mandatory for all grades except kindergarten through third, where masks will be encouraged but not required. Families, students, and staff need to adjust to the new schedule and a new way of teaching and learning. This uncharted territory comes with a new set of unknowns, concerns, stresses, and the knowledge that everything can change again in an instant.


Discussion regarding mask mandating.
This controversial subject began in Lake Geneva last Tuesday at the finance, licensing, and regulation meeting and was continued as a formal agenda item for Monday’s city council meeting. Walworth County Board of Health and Human Services Department began the discussion last Wednesday in Walworth County. The Walworth County Government Center was filled with anti-mask protesters who continued the fight for what they express as their Constitutional right to choose to either wear or not wear face coverings at Lake Geneva City Hall Monday afternoon. The great mask debate continued this week, starting with a rally held Monday night prior to the beginning of the Lake Geneva City Council meeting. Members of the Wisconsin Liberty, Freedom, Community, Rally, & Action Page organized this Facebook event. This peaceful rally expected anywhere from thirty to fifty participants. The Lake Geneva City Council members planned to meet, discuss, and take action on the writing of a letter urging Walworth County to enforce stricter guidelines with regards to Covid-19.  The council also intends to vote on an ordinance to mandate masks in the city of Lake Geneva. City.  Most big box stores have started requiring face coverings to be worn by employees and patrons, although, as this issue goes to print some of these stores are easing up on the recently implemented face mask requirements. Several different stores across the nation have experienced aggressive interactions between shoppers, other shoppers, and staff when facemask enforcement is attempted. This is a concern on a much larger scale as entire cities and states try to enforce such strict guidelines.  It is highly recommended that citizens NOT encounter other citizens with respect to enforcement of the wearing of masks.

Place of the Week

Walworth County Government Center

Walworth County Government Center is the local hotspot for discussions and decisions regarding the virus and the great mask debate.

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