Beachside Authorfest is back this Saturday, July 10th, and you can expect to see many new faces.
The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Library Park directly across from the lake. Over forty authors, groups, and businesses will be set up in the park with over half participating for the first time this year. Authors will be able to set up tents to chat with guests along with selling and signing copies of their work. The Authorfest is free to attend and there will also be talented musicians playing throughout the day. The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and Breadloaf Books. The past year they collaborated with local schools to create an Authorfest committee at Lake Geneva Middle School. The committee collected outstanding work done during the pandemic by students, educators, and community members. They were collected to share their experiences during the pandemic and will be presented on July 9th on the East Lawn of the library as a lead into Authorfest on Saturday.


The Pier on Linn Road is no more.
Whatever Mr. Patrick Hogan chooses to do at the location that was the Pier will be up to him and his ability to get conditional use permits within the scope of the zoning and with the approval of the Town of Linn board. What he chooses to do may well include a lawsuit against the town, the Birches, and even the man who lied about serving as his agent on the liquor license approval form. The mess that became the Pier issue arose out of concern my citizens that the place would be too loud, with too much lighting at night and too much traffic. The liquor license was not killed for any of those reasons.

It was killed because the people of that part of Town of Linn do not want development anywhere nearby. They succeeded, but now the cost of their motivated expression may well come to roost. Mr. Hagan moved to the location, leased it, bought inventory, and gambled his future on the place making it. The third part of the reason that the Town of Linn chairman of the board gave for the non-renewal of the liquor license was that Rose Miller, training the new city clerk, made a mistake in issuing the license in the first place. In most courts, and Walworth circuit court is likely to be one, that admission under oath and recorded is tantamount to an admission of guilt/and/or liability. And liability means money. Lots of it.

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