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How serious is the Coronavirus?
For the 100,000 residents living in Walworth County, the average rate of new Coronavirus infections has been at 6.7 per day for the last three months April, May, and June. This says a few things: The average rate of infection is very low and under control and one’s daily chance of getting the Coronavirus for those living in Walworth County is on average one in about 15,000. For Lake Geneva’s 7,766 residents that means an average of about one new Coronavirus infection in the city every other day. These are average numbers and one’s personal chances vary greatly with one’s personal precautions, the number of people that one comes within transmission range, and the precautions that they have taken to prevent the spread.

The Coronavirus threat is real and serious, but for a Walworth County resident, as long as one takes reasonable precautions, one’s chances of getting the Coronavirus are somewhat remote.  As a Walworth County resident, there is a 99.4% that you have not been infected by the Coronavirus and if current rates hold there is a 99% that you will not be one of the 1,000 Walworth County residents that will have become infected by the Coronavirus before the summer ends on Labor Day.  There is no question that it helps to wear a face mask, and the more you do it the better off you are. It also helps to social distance, and this activity should continue until further notice.

Getting this thing is no joke, and even if it does not kill you the stories about the physical misery are a convincing reason to protect yourself and those around you.

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