The Bright Side

Ice Cream Heaven!
Everyone likes to think he or she lives in the perfect little town with quaint little ice cream shops, and mom and pop retail stores.  Well, think again about the problem, if this Shangri-La kind of place becomes overgrown. Lake Geneva is preparing to add another (number nine, if you are counting) ice cream and/or frozen yogurt shop to the downtown area, specifically on Broad Street. Broad Street alone already has four, all twenty-five yards between one another (give or take a few yards), if Kilwin’s is to be counted.  There’s Scoop’s that has the nostalgia of an old ice cream shop, and across the street from Scoop’s is Funky Kup, with the funky decor for those who prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream.  Up the street is Constant Cravings, which sells ice cream, as well as popcorn and candy.  Then, on the corner of Broad and Main Streets is Kilwin’s, which sells ice cream along with other sweet treats. Main Street has Cold Stone Creamery. Yogeeze frozen yogurt, sorbet, and gelato is located one street over on Center. Another candy/ice cream shop called Something Sweet (also known for their location inside the Riviera) has recently opened on Wells near the Cheese Box, but nobody downtown should be concerned about the shop on Wells because it is not located downtown.

A concern lies with Fro-Zone, opening on Broad Street this summer.  Fro-Zone will NOT be a soft-serve style of ice cream but rolled ice cream instead.

This ice cream will be as much fun to watch being made as it is to eat and cost slightly more than regular cones or dishes of ice cream.  Funky Kup and Cold Stone Creamery, both offer rolled frozen treats, and it too is as much fun to watch being made as it is to eat.  Is a city so interested in filling its empty storefronts that it will allow a ninth ice cream/frozen yogurt shop to come to town?

On the bright side, however, the City of Lake Geneva has gone from a huge collection of speakeasies and bars to a plethora of ice cream shops.

Person of the Week

John Garlick Funky Cup

With a name like John Garlick, (that really is his last name) one might have to be in the food business. John, who works at Funky Kup, is also great fun, with a magnetic personality. He’ll have you ordering up a large dish of frozen yogurt, and not caring at all about the calories.



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