The Bright Side

Should these items fall under The Bright Side or Surprising Stuff?
The horse and carriage, plying the streets of Lake Geneva every weekend and causing exactly the kind of traffic slowdowns and backups on Highway 50, as were predicted, did not require a conditional use permit to operate, yet they are doing business in Lake Geneva and on city property, just like every other business that is required to have such a permit. Why?

The boat slip renters who rented the city boat slips at substantial discounts and used falsified residence documents to slip in to get those slips that should have gone to local residents, were not prosecuted, and that was by agreement with the Walworth D.A.’s office, Dan Draper and leadership of Lake Geneva. Why?

The bouncing bumpkins allowed to perform their carnival-like ride, game and experience every weekend in Seminary Park in downtown Lake Geneva pays eleven dollars a day to use almost half the park and also get several parking places for their big trailer. They do not have to have a conditional use permit approved by the city council either. Why?

The renters of boats along the edges of all the small city piers erected back and forth across the Lake Geneva water frontage must share the piers with residents, visitors, and fishermen, but not the two huge fingers of piers that stick out from the Riviera Pier complex where Gage has its boats. Gage gets to gate off those public piers. Why?

Gage is supposed to get four free parking spaces down next to the Riviera building on the west side, but they commonly park eight or more vehicles there at all times. They are not encountered or stopped from that practice. Why?

FREE Fishing Weekend

Free Fishing Weekend Lake Geneva

The kids from the Delavan School for the Deaf enjoyed a great a day of fishing thanks to some local wonderful fishing guides!


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