The Bright Side

Article by Terry O’Neill, former alderperson in Lake Geneva and city activist.

Sometimes people ask me why I waste my time watching city government so closely. People have said “don’t you know that some things never change?” I want to say that I know that there has been, and will always be, corruption in government and nothing can change that. Most of those who accept positions to serve in government are like children who, when not held accountable for their actions, continually get worse until they are out of control and become self-serving and destructive to themselves and to others.

The difference between a child and a government, though, is the level of damage and harm that they can do. Holding people in government accountable for their actions is the only way to minimize the self-serving destructive actions of government officials. Improving Lake Geneva’s city government by holding people and the government accountable for their actions is what I try to do.

It is very simple, if they do not want to be held accountable for what they are doing, then they shouldn’t be doing it, and that simple statement applies to all of us.

The Grandest Place

JoJo's Pizza

JOJO’s Pizza & Pasta is a great little place with great food. Jojo’s is located on HWY 50 in the Delavan Inlet. The cooks there make a chili that’s won awards repeatedly all around the Geneva Lake area. The popularity of this restaurant has grown. To accommodate all the customers, Romiro Gallegos, (the owner) opened a second location last summer season in Williams Bay. It will be open again this summer.

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