The Bright Side

The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee meeting.
The Lake Geneva liquor license policy has been reworded to clear up any confusion between all applicants and the city. The first of the three changes were announced:

1) Available liquor licenses will no longer be posted as such in the local Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter.

2) There will not be a waiting list at the city hall for liquor licenses. (Lake Geneva only has one at the current time, with one more expected to be turned in by the Red Geranium on April 1st. The FLR committee members believe it is unnecessary to have such a list and it causes confusion for everyone.)

3) The new verbiage clarifies how often a person can apply, which is once a year. This includes appeals to denials. ┬áThe city council agreed with the changes and approved to amend the policy at Monday night’s meeting. These rules have been changed due to some applicants reapplying repeatedly hoping for a different outcome. The one and only available license has been applied for several times by different businesses and denied each time.

Alderperson Howell, the chairman of the finance, licensing, and regulation committee, shared his confusion on this subject with the rest of the committee members stating that applicants continue to come before the committee and meet the qualifications, but the committee states no reasons for the denial. He questioned what basis is actually being used to say no? He also wondered if it was legal to deny an applicant for no given reason, and, if denying others, then why is the committee dangling something out there that they are not going to give? All good questions.

The whole mess of new changes would give every appearance that the creators were drinking at the time.

Springtime Approaching

Springtime Lake Geneva

The first hint of Spring on Geneva Lake along the water’s edge at Wrigley Drive

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