The Bright Side

The BID continues to shine.
The Business Improvement District is trying its hardest to improve business for all those members that belong but few members of the public ever show up.

Funny how things can work with the media and its effect on how business is conducted in the city government.
Last week the Lake Geneva Regional News ran an Op/Ed about how the purchase of the new parking kiosks (costing half a million bucks), approved last week by the council, should be revisited.  The following week John Halverson, the former managing editor of that paper and now city alderperson, moved that the decision should be “revisited.”  So, in keeping with the power of the press, the council decided to join Halverson and kick the parking kiosks back to the public works committee to see what they might do with it.

Last Week at Gary Con

Gary Con is an annual game convention celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games

Person of the Week

Nancy Drew Dust Bunny Bookstore

Nancy Drew is the adorable welcome committee at the Dust Bunny Book Store on Center Street. She is a gem and a great help at the store entertaining and performing for the people who stop in.

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