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More about the Green Doors:
They have the “Secrecy Door” of a “Closed Session” in which things are hidden from the public.

But there is a hidden peek hole into closed sessions that would not exist, except that in one of the lesser known settlements of the city’s many laws suits a single person has been enabled to tell what went on during several closed session meetings, and those happenings shine a light on items 2 & 3 in the current closed sessions agenda on March 26, 2018, as follows: Although the information is presented in a closed session will present various options to the city council members, all the options are from one point of view and biasedly presented. It is difficult for an alderman to gain insight beyond what is presented in the closed session because the information cannot be discussed outside of the closed session, so the validity and the completeness of the information provided cannot be easily checked or verified with others. Even if the same information is also gained elsewhere, it can’t be discussed for fear of being accused of revealing information from the closed session. It also will become apparent during the closed session that some aldermen have been given or discussed the information about the issue prior to the closed session and are already in sync with the presenters. The other problem with a closed session is that the city council members vote right after the session ends, and there is no time to reflect and mentally review the information. Like after a presentation from a good salesman or an indoctrination, the deal always looks better at first than it does later when one has had time to consider the issue.


  1. Motion to go into Closed Session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1) (e) …. 2) City property at Edwards Blvd and Sheridan Springs Road, and 3) City property on N. Edward Blvd near Hwy 50. (Plot ZRED00001)


First: This description is inadequate for both items 2 & 3 and does not properly inform the citizens what is to be discussed. It doesn’t list the actual properties, nor does it list what is to be discussed, so the items should be tabled, but that won’t happen.

Second: “The city property at Edwards Blvd and Sheridan Springs Road” is under contract to be sold to a land investment LLC, so item 2, can be assumed to be that land Tax Key ZA 468000003 whose contract was previously and secretly negotiated prior to this closed sessions in which it is assumed that it was presented and approved. The irony is that we can talk about it, but none of the aldermen or others in the meeting can. So much for free speech transparency. Answers to the following question should be presented in the closed session and openly discussed:


  1. Who brokered this contract? Who is the realtor on behalf of the city?
  2. Did the city council members actually receive a copy of the negotiated contract to read and approve, or did they just vote on hearsay?
  3. Who gets the commission on the sale of the property? Are they friends of members of the city council, the Plan Commission, City Attorney or City Staff?
  4. What is the selling price? By whom and how was it determined?
  5. Was the sale of this city land, publically posted as required? If so where? It is my understanding that to sell city land it must be published at least three times, and it has to be done with closed sealed bids.
  6. What law firm is representing the city’s interest on this issue? What are the city’s costs?
  7. Has the city’s insurance company been informed or involved because of possible lawsuits?
  8. Was the Edwards Blvd Extension assessment paid on this property? If so when and by whom?
  9. Will the city’s million-dollar Fire Department dollar bucket truck reach the 5th floor?
  10. Has an EPA inspection of the land been done to assure that all contamination from the former Gas Company has been removed?

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