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Fontana Frog.
On Highway 67 in Fontana stands a giant, fourteen-foot tall, green frog. It has become a beloved landmark for Fontana and the surrounding area. It started back in 1964 when it was part of a miniature golf course. The course is long gone, but the concrete frog managed to survive the last fifty-five years, and still brings joy to all those that visit it. The Fontana Library wants to give this special frog some attention, and honor it in a special way. The library is asking people to draw a picture of the frog, write a poem about it, write a story about it, or think of a name for it.

If you enter this contest, please include the reason why you are submitting what you are submitting. All the entries will be printed and put into a book that will be displayed at the library for all to enjoy. There will also be a reception for everyone who participates, with prizes handed out for the best name, stories, poems, and pictures. Entry forms can be picked up at the circulation desk of the library, and are due by Friday, March 22nd, 2019.

Fontana Frog Needs a Name



The BID.
The wonderful people on the Business Improvement District (BID) committee have had yet another great meeting. They have a really positive attitude and are committed to improving the downtown area and making it a better experience for everyone. They are focusing on trying to make the hours of all the merchants more uninformed, and asking that they consider staying open later. It only makes sense as many people can’t get to the stores during the day, which forces them to shop more often at the big box stores. The BID would also like to ask the merchants to share their figures on the flow of the pedestrians, how those numbers convert to sales, the amounts of sales, and the times most of those sales have taken place.

Will the merchants be willing to share this information? How accurate will such reports be, if forthcoming? Through the ages, in all venues, towns, villages and even shopping centers, retail stores have been wont to share sales information, or even how much traffic is coming through their businesses. The business owners are afraid of how such numbers might be used by their competitors, and also by taxing authorities and managing owners of the property they usually lease from. The BID has great intentions and the board members are to be applauded for this effort, although it is the unanimous opinion of the Geneva Shore Staff that no real business income figures, or even traffic figures, will ever be shared. Whatsoever.

Some really good productive stuff was discussed, however, at this meeting. The idea that all the retail stores should stay open to a certain hour of the evening (such as; 8 p.m.), and since the Ice Castle is coming back (after the management there declared Lake Geneva to be its most successful location anywhere in the country), that the Ice Castle could open well before four p.m., the hour the current iteration opened every day this year. The Ice Castle wants to get bigger next year but is thinking about moving it to a place where it could grow larger (than the space the beach provides), which would also move the nexus of where the crowds might congregate from the city center. But would that result in the merchants not sharing in increased traffic coming through their stores? Implications still need to be considered.

Ice Castle

Ice Castle Lake Geneva

There are only a few days left till the ice castle closes for the season, but with any luck, it will return winter 2019.

Fat Thursday Paczkis

Bittner's Bakery Lake Geneva

Bittner’s Bakery personnel were up all night making over 1,600 paczkis for Fat Tuesday!


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