The Bright Side

John Tavolta

Saturday Night Fever Hustle

Are they doing the Hustle?
No, not the Saturday Night Fever Hustle that John Travolta famously dramatized, but rather the Buttons Bay Hustle that Brian Pollard is choreographing for his Symphony Bay home buyers who will be showing up in Button’s Bay every summer weekend, to enjoy their newly acquired endowment of “Lake Rights,” compliments of Brian Pollard. He is trying to make it possible to purchase a home over 2 miles away in Symphony Bay, and still have Geneva Lake frontage. How Pollard plans to dance everyone around his scant 550 sq. feet of lake frontage should prove entertaining, but the Town of Linn best have a full staff of police, ambulances, and EMTs to tend to the “losers,” while the winners take off from the paucity of the 10 boat slips Brian is providing as bait to draw them in.

Symphony Bay has now grown from a development of 330 homes to 399 available home sites. Pollard also wants to include his other developments in using this very special incentive called “lake rights for dollars” program. His slick print magazine ads currently running, and his professional online promotion campaign for the 399 Symphony Bay home sites are focused one hundred percent on the Geneva Lake experience. Symphony Bay is promising to provide its owners with private lake access. Owners will also have the opportunity to enjoy Symphony Bay’s private pier and boat club.  Currently, Mr. Pollard only owns 566 sq. feet of frontage between the lake and road (South Lakeshore Drive), strung out along only 93 feet of stone and gravel. That small slice of lakeshore has a pier with 10 Boat Slips and 4 Buoys. Plans for a rentable party lodge, with 63 parking spaces across the street have been submitted.

Pollard’s has printed an online disclaimer for the planning package that basically says; “all information you’ve read, seen or heard represents an artist’s depiction, and are for illustration purposes only, and remain subject to change without notice…may vary in actual construction, views or future amenity details.”

On March 20th, at 7 p.m. in Zenda, is the public hearing date when Pollard is asking the Linn Plan Commission to recommend his plans for the Button’s Bay Party Lodge operation. Is Pollard maneuvering the Town of Linn into a position of condoning his advertising and promotion campaign if it approves of his lodge? No one in Town of Linn, or in the Geneva Lake Community, want to see four hundred more families using boats on Geneva Lake at Buttons Bay. That would be the equivalent of adding another Abbey Marina on the east end of Geneva Lake, and far exceed the carrying capacity of the lake.

The health of Geneva Lake, like all bodies of water around the world, has been deteriorating of late because of climate disruption, overuse, and abuse. The GSR is hoping and trusting this lake access promotion by Pollard really is just a sales gimmick and a “come-on” that has been called the Button’s Bay Hustle in this issue.


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