The sorry fate of the wild wolves.
The New York Times on Monday ran a story about the coming extinction of the wolves that once roamed across all of America only a few hundred years ago.  That story followed two states who have decided to ‘eradicate’ their wolf populations, allowing bounty hunters to go out and kill them with any means they so choose (those would be Idaho and Wyoming).  Wisconsin is ramping up its kill season, as well, along with allowing the ‘taking’ of more bears and deer.  The human species does not live from the results of hunting anymore, at all. Hunting, for almost all families, provides considerably less than one percent of what will be consumed for their comfort and survival (.000003 percent, actually).  Why is the citizenry allowing the wholesale slaughter of these animals?  Four billion dogs survive and are mostly cared for by humans, and no those dogs are not related to the wolves.  The animal’s domestic dogs descended from were killed out a hundred years ago.


The City of Lake Geneva’s Police Department.
The department is helping keep the community informed and safe by holding a licensed premise employee informational meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday, May 17th, at 5 p.m. in the second level of city hall in the police department training room. The meeting will discuss identification cards, municipal licensing and the regulation of alcoholic beverages (basics as well as common misconceptions), dealing with disorderly or intoxicated persons (no comments will be made about physical altercations as it is always recommended to call the police), and laws regarding disorderly and intoxicated persons to protect self and property. The Department of Revenue and the City of Lake Geneva will be presenting the information.

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