The Bright Side

The “Yellow Ribbon.”
This symbol, over the years, and in almost all cases when used by the general public, has been a positive sign of support, hope, forgiveness, solidarity, human compassion, loyalty, and/or empathy for others. But that is not the case when used by those in authority. When they use it, it indicates caution and gives a warning or specifies a barrier or forbidden zone that one is not to cross or enter. Today it is used around city parks as a police barricade to surround and block the entrance to those formerly public parks. It is understandable, doing this when there is something dangerous within the park, but not when the only dangerous thing in the park is likely to be the residents and visitors if they happen to get within 6 feet of each other.

Yes, there is a government order for social spacing, but we don’t shut down sidewalks because there is insufficient room for two people to walk by each other on a sidewalk. We don’t shut down the roads, because some people don’t follow the laws. What should the police do when most people don’t follow the letter of the law? Do what they do with speed limit laws? What they generally do is ignore minor violations, like 5 -10 mph over, and concentrate on serious offenders, like those that drive 20 mph and over the speed limit.  There is no cure for stupidity, or completely preventing people from doing what is risky or dangerous. It is a free country, and besides, some of the people who are willing to take risks and do what others think is stupid, are also the ones who forge new paths for all of society and that is what freedom is about. Tell people the true facts and let them be responsible for the decisions that they make by giving them the freedom to make them.

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill



Dentists may be opening their offices soon.
At the beginning of the pandemic and “safe at home” order in Wisconsin and the country, the American Dental Association recommended a halt to cleanings and other routine or elective dental work for three weeks. “Concentrating on emergency dental care will allow us to care for our emergency patients and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments,” the American Dental Association said in a recent email. Most dentists are complying with the recommendations. Many are also, taking further precautions, such as sanitizing common areas and having patients rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution that cuts down on the prevalence of any virus in the mouth. They are also having fewer chairs in waiting rooms or staging appointments, so no one checks in groups.

Time for Improvements

Downtown Improvements Lake Geneva

New shingles on the China West Jewelers and Lake Geneva Opticians building.

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