The Bright Side

The Town of Linn Gun/Hunt Club is not going anywhere anytime soon.
What with Jim Weiss throwing in with Mr. Cully and Ms. Zimmerman on the Plan Commission, it means that this sort of private ‘whatever it is’ will be back in a few weeks with a resubmission. This time around, since it was already held last week, there will be no public comment part of the presentation. The Three Amigos can pass the P-1 rezone (for park, entertainment-etc.) and the agricultural designation will be gone forever. Do these people, who own the land, really want to build a hunt club? That is pure conjecture, at this point. The change in rezoning, even if stringent rules are laid down about what can be done on the property, takes the value of the land and raises it substantially. Now the property can be sold and developed any way anybody wants to (the restrictions drop off for the new owner).

Is that what the owners were after all along? Nobody knows. It was surprising that Jim Weiss, normally so bright and measured in his performance as the head of that commission, sided with Ms. Z and Cully. Maybe more telling was Jim’s appointment of her in the first place. Regardless of what’s transpired before, the whole thing will have to receive the approval of the majority of the town board when it finally reaches that point. You will be notified, in hopes that you will show up and state your opinion.

The issue, having a gun range within 300 yards of residential homes, has been tried in other communities before and the results have been pretty lousy.

Cartoon of the Week

by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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