The Bright Side

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here.
Monday, the 28th of 2018 is that day. This three-day weekend is more than just a kick off to summer or an extra day off of work. Memorial Day is a day of reconciliation set aside to gather, remember, and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation during times of war. Many communities will be hosting parades as a way to honor and reflect. Lake Geneva has a grand Memorial Day parade every year that starts at 10 a.m. on Wisconsin and Broad Streets. The parade is pretty small but hugely meaningful to the patriotic communities that participate, including Williams Bay, Walworth, Town of Linn and Fontana. Honoring the fallen not only puts a heavy and important emphasis on the need for citizens to serve their country right up to the loss of life, it also assures that citizens right now at risk for the rest of us are much, and movingly, appreciated for what it is that they are doing.

Before the Parade stop at Speedos

Speedos Lake Geneva

At $8.99 this ham and cheese omelet is a great deal at Speedo’s in Lake Geneva.

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