The Bright Side

Ever say; “where’s a police officer, when you need one?”
Well this time, one was exactly where anyone would want one to be. A police car was driving west on George Street when the car in front of the police car was t-boned on the driver’s side by a northbound car coming out of Madison Street that had not stopped. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, and the situation was handled effectively and efficiently by the police officer. This is just one of many accidents that have occurred at that corner and had that accident occurred only seconds earlier the offending car would have hit the driver’s door of the other car instead of the back door, and then the outcome would, no doubt, have been very serious indeed.

There are several reasons contributing to the high number of accidents at this intersection:

First: for a vehicle traveling north on Madison Street after North Street there are no stop signs on Madison Street in the five previous intersections before George Street, so drivers don’t anticipate stopping at that last intersection.

Second: the stop sign at George Street is in the shade, making it less obvious, especially on a bright sunny day as it was that day.

Third: Although there is no parking permitted on the east side of Madison Street there appeared to have been a truck parked there during the accident, which further obscured the view of the stop sign (often there is a postal vehicle parked near the corner in that no parking zone).

Fourth: George Street is also highway “H” which, in addition to having residential traffic, also supports pretty heavy traffic going to and from Como, Elkhorn, and Delavan. There are other intersections in the city that are worse, of course. For example, The intersections at Hwy 120 and East Townline Road, and Hwy 120 and Bloomfield Road, but it takes State action to correct those; whereas, it only takes city action to improve the George Street/Madison intersection by putting a flashing stop sign for the northbound traffic on Madison Street.

Come on Lake Geneva!

Morning News May 30, 2018


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