The Bright Side

Keep off the grass.
No vendors are to be allowed between the curb and sidewalk on Broad St. The Farmer’s Market takes another hit. The Farmer’s Market in downtown Lake Geneva has become a huge success over the years. The vendors are mostly local and the products from local farmer’s fields. People come from all around the lake, and also from distant locations, to take it all in and get the freshest produce in all of Southern Wisconsin. So, why require the market to move deeper in from the curb? Safety, of course. Oh, nobody’s been run over, but they might be, and so city management of Lake Geneva decided that the market should be smaller and denser than it has been before. You decide how to apply the word “denser.” Instead of treating the Farmer’s Market as something to be revered and heavily supported, city management treats the hugely popular event as it treats the small businesses that line the city’s downtown streets. The words ‘necessary evil’ come to mind.

Person of the Week

McKinley Veith Green Grocer

According to co-workers and customers of the Green Grocer, McKinley Veith is energetic, helpful and very kind. The GSR staff couldn’t agree more. Look for her smiling face. Simply put, she is terrific!

Badger lane development of vacation rentals.
Badger Lane in Lake Geneva is primarily a duplex home residential area, but not for long. About a month ago, two duplexes went up for sale and were quickly bought up by a corporation interested in owning vacation properties. The new owners did not waste any time and handed out thirty-day eviction notices to all four tenants. The renovation project is due to start immediately following their departure. Obviously, the tenants were not happy, they had no clue this was going to happen and never thought it would occur as rapidly as it has. As for the rest of the renters on the street, they are not happy either. Their concerns are valid.

Will this happen to the rest of the duplexes on Badger Lane? What kind of vacationers will come? What kind of trouble and noise will come with vacationers? The tenants being evicted were long-term tenants, one as long as twenty-eight years. Now what? Well two of them will be out before the thirty days is up (thank goodness for family and friends), but the other two have few options and little time left to figure it out. Are residential neighborhoods becoming vacation spots, really? This is happening in several areas here in Lake Geneva. Average neighborhoods and average or even some less than average homes are being turned into vacation rentals.

Not a bad investment deal, or is it? The owners of the property are most likely thinking that they could charge rent for the week instead of by the month. Are they considering how many people want to vacation in a less than average neighborhood, in a less than average home? How many vacationers are going to come in the offseason? How can this be legal?

Badger Lane



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