The Bright Side

In listening to the political rhetoric, what one hears may be the truth or it may be a lie, but most likely it’s a half-truth which is a half-lie, and meant to mislead, and that’s in some ways worse than a lie. The truth is not obvious if it is buried in half-truths, and in half-lies. Like a magician’s magic, half-truths and half-lies are meant to direct and misdirect in order to mislead, so that one is deceived and believes the deception as real, so what appears to be true is actually not true.

The power and authority in the City of Lake Geneva belong, by law, to the city council of elected officials. In reality, the only control the city council has is the power to say “no.” The city council doesn’t lead or give direction to the city. Of the hundreds of issues that the city council votes on, only once or perhaps twice a year, an issue is put on the council agenda by council alderpersons.

So, who is the nebulous person or group that initiates, controls and puts all the agenda items up for the city council meetings? Who initiated the parking rate increase? Who initiated the city’s selling/trading salt for a tree service? Who initiated the $3,000 yearly fee for short-term rentals? Who dropped the Riviera renovation (repurposing) off the city’s radar? Who is behind the fire department’s takeover of the area’s emergency medical service?

There are forces behind the scenes that are driving the City of Lake Geneva away from being a friendly small town with a warm friendly atmosphere, but who are they and why? The answer to “why” is money, power, influence, and control. The answer and list as to “who” in this Lake Geneva mystery is the subject of more investigation and future reporting.

Business of the Week

Edie Boutique, Lake Geneva

Edie Boutique, at 737 West Main Street, is a perfect shop for current, trendy, and well-priced fashion. The staff is friendly and always ready to help. They have been in Lake Geneva since 2015 and are doing great.



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