The democratic party needs to begin seriously considering who is going to run against Trump in two years. If Sully Sullenberger would run the might be the guy, but I don’t think he will. No longer are regular politicians seemingly electable. Only beloved stand out guys, and maybe a very few gals, are electable to the position of the presidency. The revelation (by performance) of the top Fox News guys campaigning and stumping for Trump has proven that only image matters.

The actual operations of the White House are no longer performed by the president. Trump watches television, plays golf, and does rallies. He does not do what used to be considered the job of office. He has minions for that. Mostly unnamed White House officials, doing God knows what behind the scenes, do the normal decision-making, and nobody inside the White House or outside much seems to care. So, what will the democrats have to offer? It might have been Beto, but he lost his race. American’s have been conditioned, by the nation’s largest “winner,” to only respect “winners,” no matter how that word is defined.

This morning Trump will hold a news conference and declare something else about the House of Representatives and the democrats. That he lies about this will only matter to those who oppose him. It will not have one thing to do with the walking drooling creatures who follow him like he’s some reincarnation of the Grateful Dead. They go from one zombie rally after another, glad to be among fellow zombies.   The rallies are only there to keep giving attention to a man who cannot stop craving attention. What the attention is about seems meaningless. But the democrats don’t have anybody, as of yet, to stand up and gain the kind of attention on the other side that can compete with that kind of living reality show. Trump will still be there in two years because the republicans still control the Senate and because Trump still has the nuclear button. These guys on the conservative side play hardball and only now has the democratic side gotten themselves a glove to field the fastballs they throw. Look for the republicans to pick up the speed of those fastballs and for the democrats to go in search of ever thicker gloves.

America has a number of problems. Quite possibly, the largest one, when discussing leadership, is in the fielding of any candidate that can survive the primary elective process. Have you noticed that there are no real contests anymore? The kind of contests of old, where the candidates were weighed and judged for their views on a number of issues, policies and actions? For many years now, the elections for president have been those wherein the final candidates are disliked by nearly everyone. The elections have become “the worst of two evils” rather than the best of anything. Standing squarely in the dusky parts of the side stages are the members of the mass media propagating this kind of awful negative voting structure. It is the media that feeds on Trump’s presidency and reports every detail. As Mr. Moonves said, as head of CBS (before he was fired for groping one too many news anchors): “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” Forget the sexual attacks (well, not completely) and pay attention to running anyone out of the country that talks that way and is head of one of the major broadcasting companies in the world. That’s like saying being an American businessman and the Germans may win the war, but I’m going to keep selling them American bombs to drop on America.

Will Oprah run for the presidency? Will Sully, or Beto? The coming election is two years away so it is anybody’s guess. Note that all three of those likely candidates have no experience what-so-ever. Will the nation change course if one of them replaces Trump, or will any one of them merely watch different channels on White House television sets and play croquet instead of golf?

Presidents have less impact than most people think, however. Obama and a good dose of fear in Washington helped gift the country a recovering economy. Trump has run with that in spite of the bill that’s got to come due for his massive tax break to the wealthy. But the butcher’s bill is not due yet and the country changes a whole lot slower than most people think. Maybe the best thing of all, regardless of your belief system, is the enormity of the number of people voting. No matter what party or for what candidate, it would appear that democracy is becoming more popular in the USA, without fail, that is a great thing.

~ James Strauss

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