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Shop small.
Over the past several years shopping for the holidays or special occasions at big box stores and online has become more popular and convenient than shopping in the small, mom and pop stores in the community. It appeared for a while as though big box stores and the convenience of online purchases were the way of the future for shopping. “Small Business Saturday” was founded in 2010 by the American Express credit card company.  The idea of “shop small” was created to give small privately-owned businesses a boost in retail revenue. You can still take advantage of ‘Shop Small’ deals and enjoy the convenience of shopping online in your pajamas, or in the comfort of your home because many brick and mortar small businesses in the area also offer online services.

The GSR wants to encourage you to shop small this Saturday, November 24th and remember, not all small businesses are boutiques and gift shops. Lake Geneva has small local coffee shops, bike stores, spa’s, and restaurants.  When you “Shop Small,” and support the small business owners you are helping both the community and economy. Many, (actually most) small businesses give back to the community, not to mention their taxes are used to support public schools, roads, parks, etc. The (SBA) Small Business Administration reports that 28 million small businesses operate in the US alone and have generated 66% of all new jobs since 1995.  So, Shop Small, celebrate, and meet some of Lake Geneva’s wonderful business owners, and Shop Small, and not just Saturday, but every day.

What’s brewing?
The plan commission met on Monday to consider two serious issues; whether to grant the applicant’s request to put a brewery into the old church at the corner of Geneva Street and Broad, and also whether to approve the removal or moving of the historically registered home at Geneva Street and Cook and replace it with a large commercial structure at the behest of Brick and Mortar.  The brewery was approved by unanimous vote, including a waiver allowing for an alcohol serving establishment to be operating less than three hundred feet from a church (Holy Communion across the street).  Thumbs Up, the bar, is located about 100 feet south of the church now.  The commission promised to get the ‘comments’ Holy Communion staff might have about this approval already given.  Go figure.  The church, if it is unhappy with what the commission has already approved, can always pray over it.

The Brick and Mortar situation continues, with that historical “can” being kicked down the road again.  Nobody wants to say no to Brick and Mortar, as the owners are pretty wonderful.  Nobody wants an old historical house torn down.  Once again, maybe the only solution goes right back to the nearby Holy Communion Church.  Make God to smile his face down upon that part of town and resolve this dilemma.

Ice Castle Progress


Ice Castle, Lake Geneva

Ice Castle or Ice Tray?

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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