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The Riviera Pier complex.
When it comes to the repair of The Riviera, the very first step is to obtain an engineering certification and guarantee that the foundation and structure of The Riviera are secure and structurally sound. Until that is assured there is no reason to invest millions into the other repairs or remodeling of The Riviera. Putting it bluntly, the city council should not put the ‘cart before the horse’ as it did with the last repair when the upper room was remodeled with TIF money before the roof leak was repaired, and consequently, the roof leaked and damaged the newly remodeled upper floor.

It is not a question of whether the Riviera should be repaired, but what should be done, and the order in which those repairs and remodeling are to be done. Furthermore, all documents and reports related to the condition of The Riviera that are given to the aldermen should also be included in the city council packet, unlike the special June 28, 2017 meeting on The Riviera, in which the members of the city council were handed the Kehoe-Henry and Associates, Inc. engineering report on The Riviera so that it would not be part of the meeting’s packet, and therefore not available online for the general public to review. No city building in the City of Lake Geneva is more important to the city and its residents than The Riviera, and therefore it is imperative for the residents, who will also be burdened with the cost of the repairs, to also be part of the city council’s decisions on The Riviera.

Person of the Week

John Foster arborist, Lake Geneva

John Foster, certified arborist, works with the Lake Geneva Street
Department to try to beautify the town in any way he can, which can be
very challenging. He’s also a terrific man and fun to get to know


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