The coming New Year’s Eve Gala.
The Geneva Shore Report has an apology to make to the city administration.  A small apology, but an apology, nevertheless.  In last week’s issue, it was written that the coming gala would not be catered because the price of admission is only $75.00.

Well, that’s not true.

The event will be catered although this gala will be a buffet instead of a formal sit-down dinner kind of a thing.  We were wrong.   We made an assumption instead of doing the footwork of investigating and making sure that our information was correct.  Tickets for the New Year’s Gala remain $75.00 and the event is NOT sold out.  The website to buy tickets is:


Boats, buoys, and piers are all coming in for the winter.
Elmers and Marina Bay, the only two rental jet ski and boat operations positioned along the shore of Geneva Lake, as it laps up against the land strewn along the small coastal area on the south side of the city, are closing for the season.

November 15th is the last day for boats on the lake.  Between this time and that date, all the piers put up on all the shores that surround the lake waters must come down and be stored in pier-holding facilities, or more likely left to uglify the winter lake scene by being deposited along the owner’s back yards.


Holiday festivities are being planned and preparations are underway.
Halloween isn’t even here yet and the winter holiday season is already underway. The city of Lake Geneva is a popular destination during all seasons, and that includes winter. The light-stringing decorations are being planned, which takes a lot more consideration (and funding) than most would think. The placement, the amount, and the color are all strategically planned to create a twinkling magical warm Christmas feeling throughout the city.

The Christmas trees are ordered and will fill the large planter boxes that line the sidewalk curbs downtown. The stores are planning their window store-front displays, which are a huge part of the beauty and warmth felt oncoming cold winter days. This is also the time when the design of annual window displays is considered, as each business strives to outdo the previous year, and of course, its neighbors, as the competition is judged.

The city Christmas tree will be in the Brunk Pavilion as always, and residents with trees big enough are all encouraged to submit their trees in hopes of being selected as this year’s city tree. The tree selected will be grandly decorated and be the center of attention at a wonderful tree-lighting ceremony. The Christmas season would not be complete without the Annual Electric Christmas Parade. The elaborate parade comes with much preparation and, yes, that is in the works. The holidays are a wonderful time and, Lake Geneva is a warm small town with an engaging and unforgettable holiday feel.

Place and Person of the Week

Anne Escaro Avnt Nike and Coffee Shop Lake Geneva

Ann Esarco, owner and manager of Avant Coffee and Bike Shop in downtown Lake Geneva, is expanding her operations.


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