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Common Code Violations.
On the city’s website, there is a list called the “City of Lake Geneva Common Code Violations”, which implies that these are the 20 city ordinances that are most frequently violated by residents. Of the 20 listed violations, only two relate to safety, one which requires a fence around pools and the other prohibits bicycles and skateboard on sidewalks in the downtown business district. The other 18 have to do with the visual appearance of which 9 have to do with signs.

The City of Lake Geneva has an insane fear of signs. It’s a phobia that runs deep within the city except when it benefits realtors. Of the sign ordinances listed the three most restrictive are:

1.) Only one temporary sign may be displayed on a property at any one time (which is also limited to 30 days):
2.) No off-premise advertising signs are permitted within the City:
3.) Window signs shall not exceed 15% of the area of the window.

The worst offender of exceeding the 15% maximum are realtors that cover about 90% their windows with houses they are selling. The worst offenders of off-premise advertising are again realtors whose names are the focal point of every sign they put up and often with not one but at least two signs facing in opposite directions. When there is an open house, realtors put up multiple signs leading or directing to the open house and most of their for-sale signs greatly exceed the 30-day time limit on the display of a temporary window. It is the city’s selective enforcement and selective and blatant non-enforcement for others that reeks within the city. Laws and the obeying of them is necessary for a society, but unnecessary laws restrict freedom and making criminals without a justifiable cause, and selective enforcement defeats equality under the law and makes for the misuse of the law and its legal intent.

Place to Be

Apple Fest

The Apple Barn Orchard & Winerys 30th annual Apple Fest is coming up fast, September 29th and 30th. All can enjoy some great fall fun apple picking, hayrides, bouncy houses, live music, wine tasting, and much more. The Apple Barn is easy to get to, at W6384 Sugar Creek Road in between Delavan and Elkhorn. Don’t forget to get some of their apple cider donuts!

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