The Bright Side

Edwards Boulevard and Main Street are under review for improvements to help traffic flow easier and safer at that intersection. Any improvements may need to be put on hold as state trumps city. The DOT (Department of Transportation) has given the city of Lake Geneva a heads up on upcoming work. Resurfacing of Highway 12 from Highway 50 to Elkhorn, is on the calendar to begin June 2021 through November 2021, and resume after the winter, in April 2022 and completing by November 2022. This is a big long job and detours will be required, that’s were Lake Geneva comes in to play. The DOT has asked to use Edwards Boulevard and downtown for rerouting. This will make it impossible to get the work done at the congested accident-prone intersection at Main and Edwards and will have to wait until Highway 12 is done.


The Public Works meeting on Monday, August 24th, was full of updates and great conversation.
The update from the parking manager was full of good news. Parking in July was up $42,000 and the revenue from the park mobile app is up almost double over last year. There was discussion about replacing the beach pass kiosks because they run slow and aren’t very user friendly. The questions that arose were about who’s budget the money would they come out of? Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront or Parking? Also, would all the kiosks be able to become multifunctional to pay for parking and beach passes?

It was brought to the attention of the committee that the department of transportation (DOT) is planning on resurfacing highway 12 in 2021, and will have to redirect traffic through Lake Geneva, which could impact the city’s street improvement schedule for next year. The DOT would need to reroute traffic along Edwards Blvd which is where the city also plans on doing road work around the same time. Of course, schedules aren’t permanent, and will not be announced until Tom Earle speaks with the DOT and can come to a compromise and finalize a plan.

Also, on the agenda was the placement of a traffic signal at Edwards Blvd and Bloomfield Road. This item has been on many agendas the past few years and the community is patiently awaiting some action. That intersection gets very busy, especially on school days, and can be tough to navigate for new, younger drivers. The city still has many questions and concerns about maintenance and utilities and who would pay for them. Another issue that needs to be worked out and discussed is who would be able to monitor the intersection and write tickets? Then, there’s the money.

Lake Geneva has half the amount needed for the stoplight so where would the other half come from? With all the issues still needing to be addressed, this item has been pushed off until next month when the city can get some answers.

Person of The Week

Diana at Mia Faccia Lake Geneva

Diana the wonderful stylist at Mia Faccia. She’s a pleasure to meet and super talented at what she does.


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