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No Parking!
The motion for no parking on Conant Street from Badger Lane to Marshall Lane passed unanimously at the last city council meeting. This location has been an issue for some time, as there is no curb, a curve, and a hill which makes parking in the street obviously unsafe. The dangerous street parking was consistently abused by at least one resident of the area and polite requests were not enough to create change. The only option left was for city officials to create a no parking ordinance and then vote on it. Neighborhood residents are relieved and feel safer. Some residents have suggested that there be no parking on other areas that are too congested for street parking.

Pleasant Street from Madison Street to High Street, and Conant from High Street to Badger lane, have caused some frustration, as many cars are parked in the street on a regular basis. The neighborhood residents feel it is unsafe and would like those who park in the street to utilize their driveways and parking space in the alley attached to their property more frequently, thereby clearing the roadway for moving vehicles.



Evr drygds has moved, but not far, and a new store called estrt CO-OP has taken its place. Thomas and Kathy George are the owners of both stores and a few other quality shops around Lake Geneva. Evr drygds is now at the old SHOSHOO location at 719 Main Street and estrt CO-OP is at 741 Main Street. Both shops carry classic comfortable jeans and “T” shirts, along with many other wonderful clothing items. The new estrt CO-OP is very comparable to the other store but priced more like a retail co-op. The George’s are also the masterminds behind the old Brick & Mortar on Geneva and Cook Street. The building is being completely updated and accommodating of a retail shop and coffee shop and is scheduled to reopen very soon, and is now known as “The House.”

The House

Brick & Mortar Lake Geneva

Brick & Mortar Home is a wonderfully eclectic mix of home accessories, furniture, kitchen, bath, and gifts. It is located in an early 1900’s house with warmth and charm that will delight you…

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